The LHOI Board of Directors and staff have developed the following principles that guide our work:



 1) We believe that a strong faith-based nonprofit entity is vital to our communities and that, if nonprofits were lost, the health and well-being of our communities would be significantly lessened.

*  We believe that LHOI and neighborhood and community nonprofits are more effective working together and collaboratively and that we can accomplish more collectively than we can independently. There is strength in numbers.

*  We believe that faith-based nonprofits strengthen their impact by working collaboratively, with other sectors including business and government.

*  We recognize the value that a diverse nonprofit sector brings to the health and well- being of our communities and we honor that diversity.



2) We believe that faith-based nonprofits have the right of self-determination within a framework of accountability and we will work to facilitate and preserve that right.

*  We practice and model principles and practices for faith-based nonprofit excellence and believe that adherence to such principles and practices lead an organization to a higher level of accomplishment, accountability, and sustainability.

*  We believe that an organization’s health and vitality are directly and positively influenced by the participation and engagement of its members, constituents and neighborhood in its activities.



3) We believe that people who are affected by decisions and actions have a right and a responsibility to be part of them. We seek neighborhood input and are responsive to the needs of the neighborhood.

*  We use resources to make things happen that we want to have happen that benefit the community. We do what we say and we invest where we need to invest to build a strong neighborhood and community.


*   We believe and will strive to build a diverse funding and donor base to capture and establish a sustainable and revenue generating source of income to support the on-going operations and programmatic functions of LHOI and its long term future sustainability.

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