Helping Other People Elevate by Highlighting Opportunities Possible for Everyone


The History

Dr. Elliott Cuff, Senior Pastor of Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church had a vision for helping the children and families right outside the front doors of the church resulting in the launch of Camp HOPE Cincy in 2007.


Lincoln Heights Outreach Incorporated (LHOI) in Woodlawn, Ohio is submitting the following as an initial inquiry for consideration for corporate support of Camp HOPE Cincy., a summer enrichment program for disadvantaged youth. Camp HOPE Cincy's purpose is to increase the learning potential for children by providing activities to strengthen academic and social skills and promote emotional well-being. Various levels of support are contained in this document.


Camp HOPE Cincy was the vision for many at-risk children in the Princeton City School district that fall below the poverty line and are living in areas plagued by violence.  The camp strives for HOPE Cincy (Help Other People Elevate by Highlighting Opportunities Possible for Everyone.) Camp HOPE Cincy provides an 8-week summer enrichment program designed to strengthen and enhance academic progress in STEM –Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and to provide enriching social experiences and a safe haven from the streets. Many of these children live in one parent households and are also in need of daily nourishment.


We provide breakfast, lunch and snack for campers. One in five children is hungry in our country and the statistics resemble this in Lincoln Heights one of the poorest communities in the state. Children in the community who are non-campers are also invited to enjoy two free meals on a daily basis.


Our Vision

To assist in the comprehensive socioeconomic transformation of underserved and underprivileged children in Lincoln Heights and surrounding communities.


Our Purpose

Increase the learning potential for children by providing activities to strengthen academic (STEM), social skills and promote emotional well-being.


The Need

There is a tremendous need for this program. Many Cincinnati neighborhoods are in distress. After years of neglect the family unit has taken a horrific hit. This is a partnership that will deliver a service to the community that you can build on. A stronger family unit, children that are getting the necessary foundational and behavioral training that will uplift the family and build a stronger cohesive community. The school district gains by having the parents engaged in the growth and education of the child. The quality of life of all is enhanced through unity of purpose and

teamwork – all working together for one common cause, the health and well-being of the child.


According to the National Summer Learning Association, when school is out, many children struggle to access educational opportunities, as well as basic needs such as healthy meals and adult supervision. Learning losses occur when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. Most students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months. Low-income students also lose in reading achievement. More than half of the achievement gap between lower and higher-income youth can be explained by unequal access to summer programs. As a result, low-income youth are less likely to graduate from high school or college.


The students of Camp HOPE Cincy are evaluated through pre and post assessments conducted by licensed teachers using the AIMS web Assessment Tool to measure progress in math and reading. Questionnaires are also used to gather information from parent and students. The parent and student responses have been overwhelmingly positive.


When looking at the AIMS web Percentile Rank for reading and math, Camp HOPE Cincy participants did well in comparison to Non-Camp HOPE participants. When comparing Spring Percentile Rank to Fall Percentile Rank, Non campers show an average loss of 10.67% in reading (R-CBM), whereas Camp HOPE Cincy participants show an average loss of 6.73%. In math the non- camper average loss was 10.29% whereas Camp HOPE Cincy shows an average growth of 1.2%. In year one of implementation of the interventions, participants are closing the gap in the “summer slide” in reading compared to non-camp participants and showing growth in math. 


Who it Serves

We are serving  up to 115 mostly African American and Hispanic (K-6) students who are recruited from schools in the Princeton City School District including Lincoln Heights Elementary School which serves as the camp site. Scholarships are offered to most of the children whose parents are low-income. As a result we need help to cover camp fees and other operational necessities. The need among families to send their children to camp is so great that we are compelled to serve as many as we can.


As a service to the community, children ages 1-18 who are not campers are permitted to enter and enjoy breakfast and lunch on a daily basis, free of charge. Our partners include, Whole Again Summer Food Enrichment Program, Princeton City School District, and the Village of Lincoln Heights.



Camp HOPE Cincy is administered through Lincoln Heights Outreach, Inc. (LHOI), the outreach arm of the Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church. LHOI is committed to building the lives of youth and families in Lincoln Heights and the surrounding communities and managed by executive director Lathel Bryant. The camp is run by an Advisory Board of professionals, a director, assistant director, six certified teachers including a bilingual English Second Language paraprofessional, food service manager and a host of volunteers.


Together we can be leaders in quality programming for needy youth in our area. Our board has solicited the support of influential individuals, foundations and businesses in Cincinnati. Our ultimate goal is to establish a year round educational program.


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